Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (the Privacy Policy) applies to the processing of personal data by Aixerion Sàrl (CHE-486.574.739), rue de Genève 135, 1226 Thônex (the Company) in connection with the website (the Website) of commercialization of organic, natural and ecological products in Switzerland, without limitation food products, accessible at (the management and exploitation of the Website, and the aforementioned commercialization, collectively the Services).

By accessing and using the Website, you expressly agree that the Company processes your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The Company reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion in order to adapt it to any new commercial or technological practice or change in the law. Should this occur the Company will inform you by any appropriate means (including via email and/or the Services). If you do not accept the amendments thus made by the Company, your sole remedy is to no longer access and/or use the Services.

  1. Introduction

The Company recognizes the importance of your privacy and of transparency in its processing of your personal data.

The Privacy Policy explains (i) which personal data are collected when you access and use the Website, (ii) the manner and the purposes for which the Company processes the personal data, and (iii) the measures which the Company takes in order to protect such personal data.

  1. Data collection

The Company collects the personal data which you provide.

The Company collects, directly or indirectly via its partners and/or subcontractors, the personal data you provide by corresponding with the Company and/or the aforementioned partners and/or subcontractors, or in your use of the Services, for example, when you create your user account and manage it. Such information includes your name, addresses (delivery and/or invoicing address) email, telephone number, payment personal data, order waiting list and/or personal wishes, any other information which may identify or help contacting you by using the Services, or any other information the Company and/or its partners and/or subcontractors may request from you.

Certain personal data are also collected in an automated manner.

The Company may also automatically collect personal data when you access and use the Services, including by means of tools and other active elements contained for example in emails sent by the Company, and/or its partners and/or its subcontractors, such as the IP address or other user identifications on your devices, the data contained in your device, the data contained in third party services (e.g. social plug-ins), your preferences, the internet sites that you visit before and after visiting the Services, the links displayed on the Services which you select related to your interaction with the Services.

You can define certain authorizations and settings related to the automated collection of your personal data.

You may define certain authorizations related to data collection, in particular in connection with your device’s right to access data contained in your device, according to the available functionalities. You may also define certain settings for the automated collection of your personal data on your Web browser. For more detailed information, please consult Section 6on cookies below.

  1. Processing Methods

The Company may process your personal data by automated means but takes appropriate security measures in this respect.

The Company processes your personal data in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, in particular Swiss laws and regulations on data protection, and takes the appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent the unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, alteration or destruction of your personal data. Data processing is carried out with computers or computer tools, and in compliance with the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy. The Company does not use any individual decision-making based solely on automated processing including profiling mechanisms on the Services.

  1. Purposes of Data Processing

The Company processes your personal data to operate the Services and provide you with any other related service.

Your personal data are collected so that the Company may operate the Services and/or to provide you with any other related service, or in the manner expressly indicated when the personal data concerned are collected, for example when you order and pay a product on the Services.

The Company may process your personal data for marketing, promotional and advertising purposes. The Company may process your personal data, in particular your contact details and any other information collected in compliance with this privacy policy, for example through the Criteo solution, for marketing, promotional, advertising, statistical and planning purposes, to improve, our and our partners’ and/or subcontractors’, products and services, to send you information and offers on our products and services, such as newsletters and other advertising messages. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

The Company may process your personal data, when you transmit through, publish on or link User Content from the Website.

For example, he Company processes your personal data when you publish a review on a product ordered or tested on the Website.

  1. Communication to Third Parties

The Company may disclose your personal data to third parties in case this is necessary for the proper operation of the Services or as listed below.

The Company may communicate your personal data to third parties as part of operating the Services, for example Stripe, for payment of an order or payment to a delivery partner for a delivery.

The Company may also enable you to use third-party services directly from the Website, notably through social plug-ins of Facebook, Inc. / Facebook Ireland Limited; Twitter Corporation and LinkedIn Corporation, in which case you recognize that the third-party operators of these services may access some of your personal data in connection with the Services.

The Company may disclose your personal data to subcontractors such as IT systems providers like Infomaniak SA for data hosting and storage.

In the above contexts, the Services may contain links to other websites and platforms. Please note that this Privacy Policy does neither apply to the practices of any company or individual, nor to any other websites and platforms, that the Company does not control. You should carefully review the privacy policies of any other website and platform that you visit from the Website to learn more about their information and privacy practices. In such contexts, the collection and use of your personal data shall be governed by such websites’ or platforms’ privacy policy. The Company shall not be held responsible for their privacy practices.

The Company may disclose your personal data to any third party to whom the Company assigns or transfers any of the Company’s rights or obligations.

The Company may disclose your personal data to competent courts or supervisory or regulatory bodies, when the Company shall compellingly disclose your personal data, pursuant to any applicable law, regulation or order.

  1. International transfer

Your personal data may be disclosed to countries that do not guarantee the same level of data protection and privacy as Switzerland and the European Union.

The Company stores and handles your personal data in Switzerland. However, your personal data may be disclosed and transferred to other countries or destinations, that do not necessarily guarantee the same level of personal data protection or an adequate level, as Switzerland. If you transfer your personal data to the Company, you specifically agree to such disclosure and international transfer.

  1. Cookies and similar technologies

The Company uses cookies, analytic tools and other similar technologies, in connection with the Services.

The Company uses various types of cookies, analytic tools and other similar technologies (collectivelyCookies), which are likely to automatically process data directly on your devices and/or to transfer data personal concerning you to the Company.

These technologies are generally aimed at monitoring and analyzing your interactions with the Services and/or to enable the Company to improve the Services and their functionalities, namely through a personalization of the Services and the other related services, according to your interactions.

The Company also uses Cookies and similar technologies to measure and monitor the traffic and use of the Services, as well as its performance.

In particular, the Company uses the Cookie Google Analytics, which collects information to provide statistical reports on a user’s engagement with a website. You may refuse such use at any time by providing this information to the Company, without affecting your use of the Website. To exercise this refusal, please refer to and visit

You may manage the Cookies and similar technologies via the settings of your browser and/or your devices.

If you do not want Cookies to be stored on your device, you can configure your Web browser or your device to refuse and/or restrict Cookies. Certain Cookies are however essential to the functioning of the Services themselves and their use may be altered or prevented by refusing totally these Cookies.

If you do not refuse or restrict the Cookies, you consent to their use and to the processing of your personal data collected in this manner.

For more information, please visit Please check the user help sections of your Web browser or electronic device for specific instructions on the management of Cookies.

  1. Your rights

You have the right to access your personal data processed by the Company and may request without limitation that they be removed, updated, or rectified.

Except as otherwise required by law, you are entitled at all times to know if the Company is processing personal data concerning you. You may contact the Company to know the content of such personal data, verify their accuracy and request that they be supplemented, removed, updated, or rectified.

You also have the right to ask the Company to cease processing any personal data that may have been obtained in breach of applicable law, and to object to the processing of your personal data for any other legitimate reason.

You have also the right to request your personal data’s portability, i.e. that the personal data you have provided to the Company be returned to you or transferred to the person of your choice, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format without hindrance from the Company and subject to its confidentiality obligations.

If you have any questions or a request in relation to the processing of your personal data by the Company, please contact us through the contact form.