Autour du riz

Rice company

Independent of any major enterprises and mass food production chains, we are a relatively small company that stands for and implements respectful, fair, sustainable and caring approach towards Earth and humankind. This gives meaning to our daily work and our partership with organic farming producers.

Our products include different types of organic rice, spice, coconut milk and sauces, for example, red rice, sticky rice, Gaba sprouted rice, jasmine rice from Cambodia, sauces: rice vinegar, curry, soya sauce, etc. We offer a wide range of products to cook delicious Asian dishes: pasta turmeric, curry, ginger and many others that create perfect combinations with a creamy coconut milk and rice. Rice tagliatelle are perfect for vegans or those who are gluten intolerant. You can prepare our rice with spices on the go when you do not have much time.

Our products are exclusively certified organic origin products, as evidenced by the certification mark. This is the identification mark of quality and origin. It identifies products of agricultural origin intended for human food or animal feed which respect, from the producer to the consumer, the EU regulation organic control and traceability requirements.

In the case of compound feeds, the AB certification guarantees a minimum of 95% of organic agricultural products, the rest being made up of products not available in sufficient quantities to be organic (exotic products, certain spices). It excludes the use of synthetic chemicals, GMOs and limits the use of inputs. It also guarantees quality of a production method that respects the environment and animal welfare.

In conventional non-organic farming, seeds are treated because they carry a lot of rice diseases, and the land is fertilized with industrial fertilizers. In organic farming, treatments are forbidden, and farmers are only entitled to compost to feed their land. And the weeds must be pulled out by hand.

We are implemeting a five-year analysis and control plan for each of our products, in line with European regulations. This massive task concerns both raw materials and finished products and includes physico-chemical and microbiological analyzes of each product. For more details on our five-year plan, see our website:

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