We will find the most frequent questions of our customers, if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to submit them via contact form

You can ask us via the contact form, and we will inform you of the availability of the products.

We can also add products that are not yet on the site.

We do not always have the quantity of products in stock. In this case, there may be a maximum delay of 2-3 weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

The delivery time for pre-orders is approximately 1 month. Pre-order products must be ordered separately. You will not be able to add pre-order products to a basket that contains products in stock and vice versa.

Once the order has been placed, it is in principle not possible to cancel it, we nevertheless invite you to make a request by email.

Pre-orders are generally subject to a minimum unit. The expiry date is generally long.

Shipments intended for the European Union are delivered from France. Swiss customers have to use the dedicated 7-bio.ch website unless they wish to deliver to an address in the European Union.

You can manage these lists directly from your customer account. The wishlist is simply a link to the products you buy frequently.

The waitlist allows you to subscribe to products that are not currently in stock, in order to receive a notification by email as soon as the product is again available. You are free to buy the product, or to ignore the message. When the product will be unavailable again, you will have to subscribe ones again to the waitlist, if you wish to be informed.

Organic food means good quality products. But obviously some products may contain a lot of calories. The number of calories that can be consumed each day depends on age, your metabolism, sports activities, etc. We provide you with the information about each product for you to consider and make good use of!


We select only products from suppliers recognized by the European Union and / or by Switzerland. As a distributor/importer in Switzerland, we are audited by an inspection body which ensures that the products we sell comply with the DEFR Ordinance on Organic Agriculture 910.181.

Our activity as an organic importer in Switzerland is also certified according to the Swiss Ordinance on Organic Agriculture (910.18) by the independent body ProCert.